State exam information

State exam informations

General informations:


0. Final exam registration period (via Neptun): 2-30 November2021


1. The submission of the thesis

      a) the date of the submission of the BSc and MSc thesis: 5 January 2022

      b) the submission will be online via the link below:

     c) the documents

      - the thesis in pdf format, which includes the completed and signed statements of the students and the supervisor(s)
      - the summary in pdf format (1-2 pages)

2. The reviews

Two reviews are required:     

      - 1 review from the supervisor
      - 1 review from an independent researcher

The signed reviews should be sent by the supervisor to the following email address:

The final date of the reviews: 16 January 2022

3. The Final Exam

     a) the date of the BSc state exam: 20 January 2022

     b) the date of the MSc state exam: 19 January 2022

The Final Exam will be held on-line via MS Teams meeting. Further informations will be sent by a Neptun message.

4. State exam questions can be downloaded from the bottom of this website.

The state exam questions for BSc Program have changed in January 2020. There are two final exam topic lists: one for Process Engineering & Hydrocarbon Technologies, and one for Environmentally benign chemical processes & Chemical Process Control. At the state exam every candidate gets one question from each list.


FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Chromatography_final_exam_2021.pdf)Chromatography_final_exam_2021.pdfChromatography - MSc5 kB
Download this file (CompProcessControl_EBChemP_BSc_state exam questions_Jan_2021.docx)CompProcessControl_EBChemP_BSc_state exam questions_Jan_2021.docxState exam questions: Computer Process Control - Environmentally benign chemical processes - BSc27 kB
Download this file (EBCP_MSc_state exam questions_2021.pdf)EBCP_MSc_state exam questions_2021.pdfEnvironmentally benign and catalytic processes - MSc11 kB
Download this file (Environmental Toxicology State Exam_Topics_2021.docx)Environmental Toxicology State Exam_Topics_2021.docxEnvironmental Toxicology - MSc22 kB
Download this file (Petrochemistry_2020June.docx)Petrochemistry_2020June.docxPetrochemistry MSc13 kB
Download this file (Plastics questions for final exam2019.docx)Plastics questions for final exam2019.docxPlastics - MSc14 kB
Download this file (Process Engineering-Hydrocarbon Technologies_state exam questions_2020June.docx)Process Engineering-Hydrocarbon Technologies_state exam questions_2020June.docxState exam questions: Process Engineering - Hydrocarbon Technologies - BSc20 kB
Download this file (Thesis statement.docx)Thesis statement.docx 19 kB
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