State exam information

State exam informations

General informations:


0. Final exam registration period (via Neptun): 1-31 Mai 2024


1. The submission of the thesis

      a) the date of the submission of the BSc and MSc thesis: 14 June 2024

      b) the submission will be online via the link below:

        We would ask you to bring a printed copy of the thesis on the day of the final exam.  At the end of the final exam we give it back to you.

     c) the documents

      - the thesis in pdf format, which includes the completed and signed statements of the students and the supervisor(s)
      - the summary in pdf format (1-2 pages)

2. The reviews

Two reviews are required:     

      - 1 review from the supervisor
      - 1 review from an independent researcher

The signed reviews should be sent by the supervisor to the following email address:

The final date of the reviews: 28 June 2024

3. The Final Exam

     a) the date of the BSc state exam: 2 July 2024

     b) the date of the MSc state exam: 3 July 2024


4. State exam questions can be downloaded from the bottom of this website.

In the BSc Program there are two final exam topic lists: one for Process Engineering & Hydrocarbon Technologies, and one for Environmentally benign chemical processes & Chemical Process Control. At the state exam every candidate gets one question from each list.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Chromatography_final_exam_2021.pdf)Chromatography_final_exam_2021.pdfChromatography - MSc5 kB
Download this file (CompProcessControl_EBChemP_BSc_state exam questions_Dec 2023.pdf)CompProcessControl_EBChemP_BSc_state exam questions_Dec 2023.pdfState exam questions (BSc): Computer Process Control + Environmentally benign chemical processes - UPDATED November 202313 kB
Download this file (EBCP_MSc_state exam questions_2022.pdf)EBCP_MSc_state exam questions_2022.pdfEnvironmentally benign and catalytic processes - MSc - UPDATED 30 May 202212 kB
Download this file (Environmental Toxicology state exam 2022_fin.pdf)Environmental Toxicology state exam 2022_fin.pdfEnvironmental Toxicology - MSc UPDATED May 2022122 kB
Download this file (Petrolkémia_záróvizsga témakörök 2023jan.docx)Petrochemistry MSc_state exam questions_2023JanPetrochemistry MSc_Updated January 202314 kB
Download this file (Plastics questions for final exam2019.docx)Plastics questions for final exam2019.docxPlastics - MSc14 kB
Download this file (Process Engineering-Hydrocarbon Technologies_state exam questions_2023May.pdf)Process Engineering-Hydrocarbon Technologies_state exam questions_2023May.pdfState exam questions (BSc): Process Engineering - Hydrocarbon Technologies - UPDATED May 202331 kB
Download this file (Thesis statement.docx)Thesis statement.docx 19 kB
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