Summer practice


for students of

Environmental Technology specialization/branch in Environmental Engineering and

Chemical and Process Engineering specialization/branch in Chemical Engineering

 to accomplishment of Industrial Practice Project courses as follow:




Course code



both branches


4 weeks


Environmental Technology sp.


6 weeks


Chemical and Process Engineering sp.


6 weeks

 Practices to Environmental Management branch/specialization are organized by another Department. 

  1. Registering for the course in the Neptun system

Registration must normally be made for the Spring semester preceding the Summer of the practice. Our Department will then advise the students for finding a practice place.

  1. Practice places’ kinds and lists

Most practice places accept Hungarian speaking students only, and a rather limited number, mainly one or two. It may also happen that no student is accepted in the actual year.

However, some of them are ready to accept more students, and foreigners as well. MOL, particularly, is such a place,

but others might also accept other students, mainly of English speaking ones. BorsodChem (in Kazincbarcika), Nitrogenmuvek (in Petfurdo), ABS Bonifer Hungary (Budapest, this is connection to Shell), Graboplast (in Gyor or in Tatabanya), MOL Petrolkemia (in Tiszaujvaros) may be recommended to check.

  1. We are continuously broadening the list of factories, enterprizes, and institutions contracting with us for providing practice opportunity for undetermined number of years. Their updated list is published in our home page. Most of them accept Hungarian speaking students only, and a rather limited number, mainly one or two. It may also happen that no student is accepted in the actual year.
  1. There are places not contracting for longer time but for the particular year only. There is a list of these places, too.
  2. Other Departments provide us with a limited number of student places at their connections (e.g. pharmaceuticals, plastics) if the students apply at them in time. Please inform us if you are accepted there.
  3. You may also find a place for yourself either in Hungary or abroad. However, according to the govermental regulations, we have to contract with the place.

Therefore, please, send us the following data in e-mail:

the enterprize or institution:

  • name
  • location, reachability (postal address, phone, e-mail)

your connection inside the place:

  • name
  • title and / or position (for addressing in a letter)
  • e-mail address and, if available, telephone number
  1. Application to the practice place

Dead time

In our Department, the dead time for the practice places of kind 1 and 2 is the end of the 4th week of the spring (summer) semester.

In other Departments (kind 3), the dead time can be different. Please, enquire there.

For the places of kind 4, it is advised to apply till the end of April, so that there be enough time for contracting.

Method of application

Apply to one place only. Another one may be tried if the preceding is failed.

A parallel double application is used, and you have to do both of them:

a/ Send an e-mail to the address , with complying to the instructions given below in section 4: ’Communication’.

b/ Fill the official application form-sheet downloaded from our home page, and hand it to the Secretariate of our Department (FII/1)

Practical managing the applications is done based on form  a. Form b applications are just stored for official documentation.

In case of practice places 1 and 2, our Department collects the applications and addresses the places for accepting the students.

Application at our Department about a practice place of kind 3 is only needed when the application proved to be successful (accepted).

Application for a practice place of kind 4 is only needed when the application seems to be successful, and the data listed in the 4th point of section 2 above are known.

  1. Communication: Neptun, MSc/BSc, Main field , Branch/Specialization, Course

In each message to us, let it be a question, ask, information, even if as short as possible, please, give the following data first:

  • Your name,  Neptun code, MSc / BSc
  • Main Field (e.g. Environmental Engng. or Chemical Engng.)
  • Specialization or Branch
  • Selected practice place
  • Kind of the practice place 1., 2., 3. or 4., according to the list above)

This is necessary because there are many students and we have to find him/her in the lists, and find out what kind of education and which place is in question.

  1. Certification of accomplishing the practice



Accompishment of the practice must be certified by an assigned technical supervisor or administrative manager from the part of the practice place, in official form. A form-sheet is provided for this aim, and can be downloaded from the home page.

You must also prepare a short (1 to 1.5 page) technical report.

Both the certificate and the report must be handed to our secretariate one week before closing the summer (spring)semester in Neptun, i.e. approximately one week before end of August.

If hand-over is failed because nobody is present in the secretariate then there is a post-box outside.

In case of your hold-back, please, send a scanned copy of both documents to both the following addresses:

  1. Other matters

Travel, accomodation, or food expenses we cannot cover. Neither can we provide costs for tests on the Student’s suitability to the particular working place, cover for working cloth and other tools. These difficulties are up to the practice place.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Application_sheet_0.pdf)Application_sheet_0.pdf 114 kB
Download this file (Evaluation_Sheet.docx)Evaluation_Sheet.docx 16 kB
Download this file (PracticePlaces_2018.01.30.pdf)PracticePlaces_2018.01.30.pdf 390 kB
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