Dr. Zsolt Fonyó

Head of the Departement of Chemical Engineering between 1994-2005.

Education, scientific degrees:

1962 - 67University of Veszprem, Dept. of Chemical Engng., Institute of Petrochemical Engng. M.Sc. 1967
1971 - 74 Technical University of Budapest
- Doctoral dissertation ("Energy Requirements and Energy
Conservation of Distillation Systems") - Ph.D. 1974
1986 Technical University of Budapest
- D.Sc. degree of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1986 ("Strategy of Separation System Design: The Systems Approach")
1998Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


1967 - 74 Process Designer at the Design Office for Oil and Gas Industry, (OLAJTERV), Budapest, for the Danube Refinery Szazhalombatta, Hungary
1974 - 93 Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor in the Simulation and Design of Chemical and Petrochemical Processes Technical University of Budapest, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Budapest, Hungary
1993 -Full professor and head of department of Process Engineering and Chemical Unit Operations in the Technical University of Budapest

Visiting professorships:

1979 - 80Visiting Professor of Chemical Engineering University of Tokyo, Japan
1987 - 93Visiting Professor of Chemical Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich, Switzerland


Research Activity:

My main research interests lie in integrated process design with current emphasis on separation processes. The most important topics studied: 20 Doctoral dissertations supervised at Universities of Budapest, Veszprem and ETH Zürich.
42 Masters degrees and diploma projects at Universities of Budapest, Tokyo, Veszprem and ETH Zürich.
Ca. 7 textbooks, 303 publications in addition to conference presentations etc. 1300 international citation in journals and textbooks


1978 Best technical book award of the year for the book "Distillation", Mueszaki Pbl. Co., Budapest
1995 Teacher of the Year (BME)
1997 Szechenyi Professor’s Scholarship
1998 Varga Jozsef Award


Virtually the whole range of chemical unit operation, process engineering and systems engineering topics were covered in a variety of courses taught in the Universities of Budapest, Tokyo, Köthen, Veszprem and ETH Zürich.
The main current teaching responsibility is the computer aided process design in the last three teaching semesters for chemical engineers: These courses are supplemented by design projects one of which runs through the final Semester and is in addition to diploma projects referred too earlier

Other Professional Activities:

Industrial Consultancy:

Earlier consultancy work in Hungary in association with Danube Refinery, LPG- Plant Szeged, Hungarian VISCOSA, TIFO, NKFV and others: The main purpose of these retrofitting works was energy conservation, redesign heat recovery networks, selection of optimal arrangements and parameters, energy integration of two or more plants designed individually.
Previous consultancy agreement with Basel Chemical Industry and Swiss Printing Companies: