Process Engineering

Process Engineering  MSc: BMEVEKFM205,

Lecturer: Dr.  Endre Rév , Building F/II, upstairs


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There are two textbooks attached in PDF form. You can find them at the bottom of this page, under heading 'Csatolmány', with file names: ProcEng_I_Modelling.pdf and ProcEng_II_Synthesis.pdf

This book I is titled: Process Enginnering  I.  Process Modelling and Simulation

This book II is titled: Process Enginnering  II.  Process synthesis

The first volume is offered here to those only who have not participated to the BSc Proc Eng course about process modelling.

The present course deals with process synthesis.

Laboratory practices are held  in the computer lab room of the DCs Hall, for those who have not taken part in the BSc Proc Eng practices, in case of need.






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