Chemical Unit Operations Laboratory


Requirements of this course in 2014/15/2

Place: DCS

Time: Tuesdays 14:15-17:00

It is required to do each measurements with accepted reports. To start the laboratory measurement one have to pass the test at the beginning of each labs. Reason of the test is to make sure that the student is prepared for the measurement both from theoretical and from practical viewpoints. There is only one lab scheduled for missed measurements. The student, who is failed at the test is not allowed to perform the measurement at that lab, and also recieves - 8 points for his lab report. The missed measurement have to be performed at a later time. Reports have to be submitted at the beginning of the lab following the measurement. Late submission: -4 points / week. Mark of reports: accepted report: 8 points. +-3 point = +-1/2 mark.  

A design problem will be handled on the 4th week, deadline of submission: 16.04

The final mark will be calculated: 50% design problem, 25% reports, 25% tests. All parts have to be passed.  

Timing of the measurement have to be discussed with the leader of the lab. 

The lab descriptions can be downloaded from the links below:


Measurement (link); date responsible
1. Packed distillation column (packed);  Dr. Deák András
2. Batch distillation column (batch distillation col.);  leader of the measurement
3. Modelling of solid-liquid extraction (solid-liquid );  Dr. Kinga Komka
4. Continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR );  Dr. Kinga Komka
6. Batch adiabatic reactor (adiabatic);  Dr. László Tamás Mika
7. Residence time distribution (RTD ) Dr. Edit Székely
8. Reverse ozmosis (membrane ) Nóra Valentinyi
9. Flash distillation (flash)  

In case of any problems, write to  Székely Edit

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