Chemical Unit Operations II.

Chemical Unit Operations II course 2017/2018 I. semester

The list of topics covered in the lectures can be downloaded from the bottom of this site. 

Attendance will be checked.
Requirements for the signiture:
– Attending on minimum 66% of the lectures and calculation seminars and on all laboratory practices is required.
– One calculation test will be   scheduled during the semester. Exact dates and topics covered is announced already in the Neptune system. The calculation test have to be passed for signiture. The grade of the calculation test counts as 25% of the final grade.
– The laboratory measurements will be scheduled plus two  times common preparation of the laboratory reports. Each measurements have to be performed and reports accepted. The grade of the laboratory counts 25% of the final grade.
Students having valid signiture may take a written exam during the examination period (50% weight of the final grade, but minimum passed). Application for the exams is only possible via the Neptun system.
Website of the course:

Please check it frequently! 


Slides can be downloaded from the bottom of the page. It is compolsury to attand the lectures (minimum 66 %) in order to obtain a signiture. Wednesdays 13:15-16, F II I floor, ex-computer room. 

Calculation seminars

 bring calculator, liner, pencil and diagrams

Laboratory practice 

Wednesdays 16:15-19 in DCS pilot plant laboratory


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